Friday, June 18, 2004

Drivers 360

I watched Drivers 360 tonight as I have been for the past few weeks it's been on. I was excited because Dale Jr. was going to be on for the first time. The first couple of segments with him were good, they showed his house, his company, his sister and niece, etc.

But then they showed when he met his infamous girlfriend, whom I thought (and was hoping) was just fictional, up until now.

It was crazy the way they met. He had seen her and thought she was 'hot' and then she asked him for his autograph and he asked her for her autograph. She laughed and walked off, but then Dale got someone to go tell her he was not kidding and wanted her number!

She's cute, I guess, but I think I liked him better as a 'single' man! I do think he needs a girlfriend, though. I just had dreams it would be me!! LOL!! ;) Just kidding. Oh well, we'll see how long it will last! I'm a bit depressed now, so I am going to sign off... ;)


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