Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas cheer??? I don't think so...

Things have still been rough around here, especially lately with the holidays approaching.

We are have been living in the FEMA trailer in our driveway for the past 5 weeks now.

It has been ok, but it gets smaller by the day and harder on everyone.

I will never take lots of things for granted again, especially a a bed of my own with a door to close and watch TV, talk on the phone or whatever I wish, but most importantly a shower. It's the pits getting out of bed in 30 degree rainy weather, in my flip flops to got down the street to shower at Ma'Ma's (her bathrooms are still in tact and beats the trailer shower).

The holidays can really put people on edge. Sometimes I think that it is so unfair that we could not put up a tree or decorations like we have in the past. It's hard to see everyone else in the world going about their normal lives and we are living like this! We are not even sending out Christmas cards...we are not in the mood at all.

Our friend did bring us a very miniature tree that we have sitting on our table in the FEMA trailer, but your miss hanging your traditional ornaments and decorations. I did hang up lights on the outside of the FEMA trailer, just to be funny. All of this has really taken a toll on my 80 year old Ma'Ma'. She has good days and bad days. It's so sad. She and my mom wanted to cancel Christmas Eve! I told them that we will be more depressed sitting in the FEMA trailer looking at each other instead of taking part in a family party, so my Uncle Ken is having a party this year. It'll be good for everyone to be together again.

On a better note, our house is coming along well. Everything is painted and the crown molding and baseboards are up. It looks GREAT!!!! We are just waiting on the marble for the showers to be put in. That'll be another FOUR weeks! But then, we should be able to move back in. We will get our cabinets in about six weeks (we can live without cabinets for a while). So much for being in the house for Christmas. :( Now we have to get furniture to put in the house!! That should be a task and a half. Pictures of the updates are can be seen here. (I need to take more pictures of the crown molding.)

Life is different and will never be the same again. Hopefully, it will be better eventually, but we are going through hell to get there, that's for sure!

And on an even happier note, things are going well with Brian. I am going to New York the day after Christmas with him for a few days. I'm really excited. We have tickets to Wicked and the Rockettes. It's going to be so much fun!!! I hope it's not too cold, though. I'm sure it will be, but that's ok! I'm really looking forward to it and it's so nice to have something to look forward to!!! I'll post pictures when I return. Today is his 30th birthday! I hope he likes his gifts. But, I really hope he makes it home from work today, since the weather is not great around the US today. He was worried about the ice storms. I hope to hear from him soon.

Hope your holidays are happy.


Blogger DizWiz said...

Tiffany--We are all thinking about you. It's understandable that none of you are in the Christmas spirit. It's amazing that you all are in such high spirits in spite of everything that's happened since September.

Christmas 2006 will be wonderful. I think we will be plan a trip to be there for Christmas next year.

I hope Brian likes his gifts as well ;-)

5:43 PM  
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