Friday, March 25, 2005

From Mardi Gras to Easter

I know I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been pretty busy.

Mardi Gras week was a great one. Glenn and Tammy were in town and we had something to do everyday. We had 2 baby showers for them. I think they got almost everything they will need for the new baby!! It was fun to see all the baby things! Pictures can be seen here.

After Mardi Gras vacation, I went back to work and continued preparing the students for the infamous LEAP test. It was crunch time! We worked so hard everyday and just about had the kids not knowing anything from cramming so much down their throats! They finally took the LEAP test last week. Of course, they thought it was “easy.” I, however, have different thoughts on the test this year! I just pray they did ok because if they don't pass the LEAP, they don't pass the fourth grade! It's pretty serious stuff. We won’t find out the results until early May.

I also worked on the yearbook for school again this year. It arrived last week. It came out pretty good. I call it my "labor of love." I love taking pictures, but it is a very stressful job, with no compensation, besides the kids enjoying it forever, which is good enough! I never realized how long it takes to create a yearbook, until I started doing them 4 years ago. It's a huge job!

We started Spring Break today. Thank goodness for that! We really needed a break from school. It was getting to be crazy there. On the flip side, we have no more holidays in April or May…talk about 2 LONG months! We get out June 3rd. I can’t wait!!! This year has flown, though.

It has been beautiful weather here the past week. Today is another gorgeous day! We are going to get some boiled crawfish and work in the garden and enjoy being outside!! I have been looking forward to that all week. I have only had crawfish one time this year. Nicole and Chris had a little crawfish boil a few weeks ago and invited me over. The crawfish were really good! I don’t think we are doing much for Easter Sunday. We might just barbecue and hang out…something low key.

Well, I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!!


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