Friday, June 17, 2005

Another trip to Orlando!

We just got back home from visiting Glenn, Tammy and Megan in Orlando! We had a fantastic time!

Megan turned one month when we were there! She is such a cutie. We loved on her as much as we could. I started to wonder if you could kiss a baby too much! She is such a good baby...she only cries when she is hungry or needs a diaper change. She sleeps well, too. We really had some great quality time with her.

Glenn and Tammy also asked me to the Megan's Godmother while I was there!! I'm so excited and honored! Megan is my first Godchild! They also asked Scott to be her Godfather. He's excited, too. She will be christened July 10th at St. Angela Merici...the same place that Glenn, Scott and I were christened and went to grammar school. We are now looking forward to their visit here!

I have posted pictures from our vacation on my website. You can see them here.