Monday, July 26, 2004

Las Vegas

I returned from Las Vegas late Saturday night!  It was a great trip!  We stayed at The Venetian.  Our room was phenomenal. 

We visited lots of the hotels on the strip, went on a gondola ride, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel, went to see “O,” the Cirque du Soleil show at The Bellagio, which was great, rode the roller coaster at New York New York and we did some gambling.  For some reason though, all the slot machines were broken last week!  We didn’t win anything!  But it was still fun. 

Boy, was it HOT!  Wow!  The best way for me to describe it, is to say that it felt like you were standing in front of a car exhaust that didn’t move!  Before I went, I thought that it couldn’t be too bad…our weather in New Orleans is so hot and disgusting, so at least Vegas is “dry.”  Well, I was mistaken.  The only thing that was good about the dry weather was our hair!  I guess at 108 degrees, dry or humid, you’re going to feel the heat!   So, we tried to stay indoors as much as possible, since the heat took a beating on you. 

I’m glad that I finally got to “Sin City.”  It’s always nice to travel to different places.  My next destination is back to New York with my whole family at the end of October/beginning of November!  I can’t wait!!  That is my favorite city!  I’m sure it will be a blast!    

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Eventful Week

Last week was an eventful one.
Thursday, I went to Katherine’s to baby-sit Sophia, so she could run and get her haircut. Sophia was very good! When she woke up from her nap and was looking for her mommy and daddy, I did what any good babysitter would do; I put in the "Baby Einstein" tape for her to watch!!! ;) By the time it was over, her mommy was home! It was a pleasure to watch Sophia! I'm so glad Katherine asked me.

Nicole and Alex finally made it out to the club on Friday to go swimming with Lauren, her girls, and myself. We had a nice time just catching up with each other. Since Nicole had Alex in February, it’s been hard to sit down and chat, since she is so busy with work and taking care of a new baby! Friday gave us that chance to be with Nicole and Alex and enjoy their company.

The weekend was a good one. Stephanie came back in town on Sunday, so we went to dinner at Sid Mar’s and had dessert at Sal’s Sno-ball stand! She flew out on Monday to go back on tour.

Monday we got some news about my grandma Georgiana’s house that has been for sale for two years. A couple of people put in offers and we accepted one of them! I know my Aunts are going to be emotional about the selling of their childhood home, but I know in the end, it is the best thing.

I realized this week, that the summer is now FLYING by!! I only have about a month until school starts back. I need to make the most of my time while it lasts. Jenni is coming in this weekend from Hattiesburg and again on Tuesday, so I hope to spend some time with her. She looks so great pregnant, too! (Notice how all my friends are pregnant or have kids??? It's sometimes sureal to me!! When did we grow up so fast? I still feel like a kid most of the time!)

I leave for Las Vegas a week from today. I’m getting excited about it! I have to figure out what I need to bring…all I know is that I’m going to need cool clothes because they say the heat there is really awful! I don’t know how it could be worse than here right now, but I have a feeling it’s going to hit us, so I better pack appropriately. Until next time, have a good one! :)

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Catching up

My friend Stephanie came in town Monday from being on the road with her husband for golf. I picked her up Monday from the airport and we got to hang out and catch up with each other all day. She looks so cute pregnant! It had been so long since I had seen her. Her mom cooked dinner Monday night and it was delicious.

Then on Tuesday, I followed her up to her house in Baton Rouge, we had lunch and I went with her to buy a new car! I couldn't let her go by herself to buy a new car...who wants to do that??

This was a "fun-filled" day, let me tell you! Buying a car has got to be one of the most unpleasant things. Thank God we were together, so we could make each other laugh! We were at the dealership for HOURS! But we did take a break and had coffee with another friend in the middle of "negotiations," so that was good. She bought a beautiful new silver Honda Accord. We really did have a good time once the nerve racking part was all over! It was just fun to hang out together, since we don't get to see each other too often.

Then, I headed back to Metairie later that night. I stopped at the outlets on the way home and zipped thru some stores, just to make sure I didn't see some great bargain I couldn't live without! I didn't get home until about 9:30, only to realize that I had NOT TiVoed The Amazing Race! I knew for sure I had Big Brother 5 TiVoed, but I screwd up with The Amazing Race. I did get to catch the last half an hour of it. I love these 2 shows! My friend, Jeanie and I wait all summer for them to start! I then watched my TiVoed shows from the day and was up until 3:30 A.M! Not a good thing to do with a migraine headache!

Today, I went BACK to the eye doctor for the third time to make sure I could wear the contacts and I got the "go ahead" from him, so I got my six month supply and I am set!!! I finally can put them in much better than I could before, thanks to my friend Karen, who gave me some pointers!

Scott gave me my b-day present today. It's a beautiful "Clay Original" of the Roman Candy man's carriage! We love to get roman candy here in town and whenever Scott sees him, he always gets me some strawberry and vanilla sticks, so this was a great gift from him to me! I have one Clay Original already of my beloved Parkway Tavern that Ma'Ma' gave me for my 29th birthday, so now I have another one to add to my "collection!" I love all the clay originals. They are just so beautiful!
Well, that is about all that's going on at this time! Later...

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Some things are meant to be or not to be

Some things are meant to be or not to be. I was depressed this weekend that I was not in Daytona for the NASCAR race. I was reminiscing all week about my trips down there and how much fun they were. Yesterday I watched all the Drivers 360 shows and the Busch race on TV and I couldn't wait to watch the Daytona Pepsi 400 tonight. I brought Uncle Malcolm, Pia and Andrew to the airport with my mom and then raced home for the 400 mile race.

It was suppose to begin at 6:30 p.m. I had my Jr. hat on and was comfortable in front of the TV. Then, they had a rain delay for about 2 and a half hours. Well, this just puts a damper on the momentum that had started earlier in the day.

I started thinking right then, that maybe it was better that we were not there in the rain, being miserable. Finally, the race began around 9:00. It was a good race; as good as it could be sitting in front of the TV watching it.

And then it happened...Glenn's favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, won the race. I was happy for Glenn, but in the back of my head I knew something...Glenn will never go to another Daytona race again. He thinks for some reason that he has jinxed Gordon all the times he has gone.

See, the last time Gordon won at Daytona, Glenn wasn't there. He has gone every year since then and Gordon hasn't won. Now that he didn't go this year and Gordon won, I know Glenn all too well, he won't be going to Daytona again! I think we might have to kidnap him when we go down again! Maybe Dale Jr. will win again!! :) Scott even called after the race to tell me this about Glenn. It's funny how we all know each other so well and are so superstitious. It's not good to be this superstitious, but sometimes when things like this happen, it's only natural to feel this way!

It is pointless to say, but now I'm really going to sulk about this race! ;) Not only was I not there to enjoy all the excitement a NASCAR race entails, but Gordon won!

So maybe it was just meant to be that we did not attend this race. Between the rain and the jinxing, I think we came out better being home. Who knows, the way our luck goes...if we were there, we would probably be stuck in the infield trying to get our car or some Alamo rental car out of the wet sloppy grass right now!

Happy Fourth of July!!!! Thank God for our freedom and the troops overseas!

Friday, July 02, 2004


I have to admit that I am a little depressed that I am not in Daytona for the Nextel Cup NASCAR race this weekend. This is the first time in three years that I am not there. I just didn't get my act together and get a trip planned. Plus, with all my new "geeky" technology, money has been tight. But I really am feeling it, not being down there for the race. Despite all of our "mishaps" last year in the "bad luck state of Florida" with the "Crash Crew," it really was a fun time. I will be watching the race tonight from the comfort of my home, hopefully with no interruptions! I'll be wearing my new pink Dale Jr. #8 hat that Glenn and Tammy gave me for my b-day and rooting him to victory again!

Glenn has been working on a new web page for us! It looks great! He really put a lot of hard work into it. It's not completed yet, but we will finish it in August when he comes back in town. So, I'll let everyone know when it is completed. We even have an easier name for it: I tried that name and it wasn't taken, so we took it!

This week was nice and quiet. I went to the club 2 of the days. I didn't do much else really. My friend, Stephanie, is coming in town on Monday. I'm so excited because she is pregnant and I haven't seen her since March. The baby is due in mid-October. So, we are going to hang out next week a bit. Then she will go back on the road in her RV with her husband who plays golf on the PGA Nationwide tour. What a life! We have to play..."Where in the world is Stephanie" every week, because we never know what city she will be in! I'm so glad she is getting to travel the country all this time!! Too bad we can't all pack our bags and hop in the gorgeous RV with them for the year! I know she would just love that!! ;)

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. I need some rest before the big race tonight!!! I'll be "getting my 'roll' on!!" Hope you will be, too!

Go Driver #8!!! :)