Sunday, July 17, 2005

Pictures on web

I have posted the pictures from Glenn, Tammy and Megan's trip to New Orleans last week on my website. You can view them here. I also have added more pictures to the Summer 2005 site.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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Help!! I don't know how to install this "hit counter." I think I just screwed up by registering for it!!! Let me see if it works. If not, my "webmaster" is going to kill me!!! I am such a dork!

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Megan's Christening

I heard that you could upload pictures on the blogs a lot easier, so I wanted to try it out. (It is so much better than that Hello stuff!!)

These are from Megan's Christening.

Scott is Megan's Godfather and I am her Godmother.

We had her Christening on Sunday here in New Orleans at the same church Glenn, Scott and myself were christened. Megan wore the same Christening gown that I wore. (It's the one heirloom we have!) We went to the studio to get her portrait taken in the gown today. She did so well!! They came out cute!!

It's been a great week so far. We are babysitting tomorrow night while Glenn and Tammy go to a concert. I can't wait!!

Well, I'll let you know when Glenn posts more of the pictures from Megan's Christening on his website. But I thought I'd share a preview with you. Isn't she so cute?????? :)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tropical Storm/Hurricane CINDY

We were hit by "tropical storm" Cindy on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. The winds got up to 70 mph, which is really considered a hurricane. Whatever you want to call it, it was WILD!!! It took us for a real beating here. There are trees down everywhere and debris all over the place. A tree even fell on our neighbor's house!

We just got back our electricity after being out of it for 38 HOURS!! It was real rough. No air conditioner in 95 degree weather for 2 and a half days was not my style of fun. Not having a/c is one thing, but we could do NOTHING--couldn't wash clothes, wash dishes in the dishwasher, make coffee, heat up food in the microwave, iron, see anything, which is a big pain in the ass when you are trying to do your basic stuff--shower, put on make-up, brush your teeth, get dressed, even just walking in the house was difficult, but most of all, I personally missed the computer and television! We are so spoiled. It makes you very thankful for the little things in life we have.

We got a big tease yesterday...the power went on at 6:00 p.m. Ok, great, we were back to normal! So, my mom and I went to the club, got daiquiris and swam after our long HOT day, so the house could cool down. We were feeling wonderful and on cloud nine. We turned the corner and we see a power line lying on the ground and the neighbors back outside! Oh crap, no! Don't tell me. Yep, the power was on for one hour and off again. Back to square one.

I took a benedryl and went to "sleep" at 9:15. No TV, computer, a/c, etc., what else do you do?!? I woke up at 2:30 a.m. so hot, I couldn't take it. I got up, stumbled to the bathroom in the dark and checked my face. I was sweating so bad, it was disgusting! I wet a washcloth and put it on my head and neck and tried to fall back asleep.

By 6:00 a.m., I was done. My mom and I headed out to Morning Call for large coffees and beignets. Then we went to Miss Phyllis and Mr. Billy's house (around the corner-who HAD power-strange, huh?) and had another cup of coffee with them, while we ironed Scott's shirt for work! Miss Connie and Mr. Tommy were over there, also, since they were out of power. We were glad to hear the news that their daughter Aimee, who lives in London, was OK with the awful bombings that happened today there.

To make a long story long, we struggled throughout the day again today, but at 2:00 p.m., I saw the Entergy truck going down the street and I was beyond excited!!! However, it took them an hour and a half to get it back on, but who’s counting when you have been out for 38 hours! So, finally, we are in our a/c house, washing clothes, eating the food we didn't loose in the freezer and everyone is in a much better mood!! It is really depressing to be in the dark and hot for long periods of time. I really hope that this Dennis the Menace spares us...we just can't take it this close to Cindy just leaving. I do not know how our friends and family in Florida did this all last year having four hurricanes hit them back to back. My hats go off to them!!!! And I wish whoever gets hit with Dennis the best of luck and you are in my prayers!!

On the brighter side, Glenn, Tammy and Megan are coming in on Saturday for Megan's christening this Sunday!! We are looking very forward to it. We have lots to do, especially, since we are 38 hours behind our schedule! (Thanks again, Cindy! Really appreciate that!!) I hope they are safe driving in town from Orlando on Saturday. I am worried that they will get in the "people evacuating from Dennis" traffic. Too bad they can't leave a little earlier. I'm sure they will keep in touch with us, but we will be worried until they arrive safe and soundly.

I have posted pictures from the summer 2005 (what I have so far) on my website. You can view them here.